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Home Construction

At Honey Do Construction we take pride in building our houses, just as much as you take pride in raising your family in the most beautiful home you can provide. We also believe that the people of Alberta and British Columbia are hard-working and deserve the best value and quality possible when purchasing a home.

That’s why we not only build new homes, but we also plan and develop unique neighborhoods with their own personality and aesthetic. We do this because everyone should have someplace special. You see, at Honey Do Construction, we’re not just building houses. We’re helping to build lives.

What Kind Of Style do you want for your home?

Some people come to us with a very clearly defined idea of exactly what they want, including having made choices on paint colors, materials, styles, home layouts, and more. Other people walk into our office and say “I know I want 3,500 square feet on two levels, and that’s about all I know so far.” Either approach works just fine for us.

It’s our job to get to know you, and what you like, so we can work with just about anybody, no matter what step they’re at. Our very detailed design/build process will quickly uncover what kinds of finishes and design features are important to you.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide more insight about this process.

Here are a few ideas for "styles" to choose from when looking to build your own home.

  • Contemporary
  • Southwestern
  • Mediterranean
  • Spanish Eclectic
  • Tuscan
  • Craftsman
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Prairie
ContemporarySouth WesternMediterraneanSpanish EclecticTuscanCraftsmanArts&CraftsPrairie